5 Guidelines For Successful Air Conditioning Installation

As summer approaches many homeowners begin to think about having central air conditioning added to their home. While there are many projects around the home that you can do yourself, installing an air conditioner is best left to professional HVAC technicians. Of course, if you only need to install a single room window air conditioner then that is relatively easy to do. Here are 5 air conditioning installation tips to ensure that your air conditioning installation is a success:

GUIDELINE #1 –  Prepare For Installation Day

It is very important that things start off right. Central air conditioning can be a wonderful addition to your home, but if it is installed incorrectly it could result in a long series of breakdowns and repairs. Start by hiring an HVAC company that has experienced technicians and a good reputation.

A new AC unit can last many years if maintained properly. But if you use an incompetent, fly by night company, then they are likely to do poor work which will lead to the unit not working as it should and will then lead to it breaking down long before is should have.

GUIDELINE #2 – Make Sure You Have All The Necessary Permits

If this is a major installation where the technicians are having to install or replace air ducts throughout the home and other major renovations, then it will require various permits depending on the work being done and the city and neighborhood you live in.

Any failure for the contractor to get required permits could lead to serious legal issues. This is something that should not be taken lightly. In most cases, it should not be a big issue to get the necessary permits. But if the company you use fails to get them, it could cause you problems in the future.

GUIDELINE #3 – Only Use Fully Insured And Licensed Contractors

You want to use only professional companies with the experience to perform quality workmanship. If a company is not properly licensed this is a sure sign they are not professional and should be avoided. If a company does not carry appropriate insurance then you are at risk.

If their technicians damage your home and the company is uninsured then you are less likely to recover the cost of repairs. If they do not have the kind of insurance that covers the technicians when they are working, you could be held liable if they are injured while working on your property.

GUIDELINE #4 – Make Sure All Workmanship And Products Are Warranteed

It is not uncommon for air conditioning units to have short term warranties. If the homeowner has it installed in early spring the warranty may expire before the unit is ever used. You should make sure that the unit warranty is at least a year. It is also important that workmanship is warrantied at least a year as well.


GUIDELINE #5 – You Shouldn’t Work With Subcontractors

While some do a good job you are less protected when working directly with them. Instead, use a contractor. They might have a subcontractor do the work, but often guarantees and warranties are in place to protect the homeowner. Also, the contractor will have relationships with the subcontractors and know their workmanship.

Installing an air conditioner doesn’t need to be a big deal. Simply follow these 5 tips for installing your air conditioner and it will be completed with relative ease. It is all about using a trustworthy company such as Altitude Comfort – Air Conditioning Installation Denver.